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end-of-year reports 2020

Year-end reports 2020

Check out the reports below to see how each of our projects worked toward LGBTQ+ migrant justice in 2020. They're one way we stay accountable to our LGBTQ+ migrant membership and the annual goals they set through a three-month democratic process.

Salud Reporte Medio Año 2020(1).png

We heal injustice and break down the barriers of oppression in health systems.

The Liberation Project is coordinated by and for LGBT migrants who are detained or previously detained. We raise our voices, develop leadership, and raise awareness to end detention.

Copy of Liberación_Reporte Medio Año 202
JTPAZ Reporte Medio Año 2020(1).png

We raise the voices of migrant LGBT+ people of color in the political systems in Phoenix. We develop their leadership so that they can participate in the political process in an autonomous and authentic way, change laws that criminalize us, and improve our living conditions.

We develop leadership in the social struggle of the trans and non-binary community, creating a safe space for brotherhood, politicization and community resources.

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As mothers we activate our power, we are one step closer to achieving family acceptance.

We cultivate art and media

from the base.

Medios & Cultura.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 14.47.18.png

Because the more we are,  the more powerful we are

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