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Sin justicia no hay orgullo

A shelter for LGBT+ migrants of color in Arizona.

We create community solutions to solve our basic needs, cultivate the leadership of migrant LGBT+ people of color to transform our needs into community power and fight for social justice for all.

Honor y Resistencia Trans

Nov 21, 2023| 6pm-12am | Karamba NightClub 


We are beautiful, we are powerful, and our roots bear the fruits of a future of trans migrant liberation. All are welcome to join the party! Join us to honor the lives of our trans and non binary community who have left this world, but also let’s also celebrate the amazing trans leaders who continue to fight for our future! Drop by for a night full of drag, games, prizes, and delicious food. See you there!



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The LGBTQ Justice center was my home, my  family a safe place were i felt comfortable being myself, where I was able to express my self as the women that I am, without fear of being discriminated. It is the place where I slept, a private space, my refuge. 
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