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About us

Trans Queer Pueblo is a base-building racial and gender justice organization that is collectively governed by a growing membership of 300+ trans and queer undocumented and documented migrants and people of color in Phoenix who organize to transform our city toward fellowship, family, community autonomy, self-determination and liberation.

Somos Trans Queer Pueblo


As LGBTQ+ migrants and community of color we propose a world where:

  • Our families are respected and integrated into an LGBTQ+ migrant community with the power to define its own path and raise its voice across society.

  • Our community is an integral part of a pueblo which is powerful and self-sufficient, with full rights and wellbeing, and celebrates the diversity of all people, without borders or phobias.

  • We live in fellowship, free from any and all systems of oppression.



We are an autonomous LGBTQ+ migrant community of color who works wherever we find our people, creating cycles of mutual support that cultivate leadership to generate the community power that will liberate our bodies and minds from systems of oppression toward justice for all people.

Centro de justicia LGBT

LGBTQ Justice Center

A new vision of Trans Queer Justice

Creating leadership toward 
collective liberation.

Space to cultivate new, multigenerational, directly affected leadership rooted in racial, gender, and economic justice toward a transformative LGBTQ vision.

Building community 
self determination

Space to support our community to survive and thrive, strengthen community arts and culture and support emerging struggles and movements.

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